How Much Money Can I Make Taking Paid Surveys?

How Much Money Can I Realistically Make Taking Paid Surveys?


In my experience with the free paid survey industry, the amount of money you make  depends on how many surveys you complete and how much time you want to dedicate to it. Most online surveys pay from $5 to $75, while participation in focus groups tend to pay in the hundreds.  If you make a part time job out of filling out surveys, you can realistically look at making approximately $500 to $1000 each month. Can you make full time income? Maybe. Some people, like Gary Mitchell (who claims to make $3000/mo) say you can, but I wouldn’t quit my day job just yet until you find out if taking online surveys is for you. 


How Many Paid Survey Panels Should I Register With?


Once you have stumbled across the world of online paid surveys, you will probably be very excited and want to sign up with as many free paid survey sites as possible. Here’s a helpful tip: don’t. Why, you ask? Because you will be completely overwhelmed. Survey invitations will be flowing into your email faster than you can take them. When you first start out, you really don’t need to sign up with more than 10 (15 at most) free paid survey panels right off the bat. Give yourself time to get organized and established with a few solid legitimate paid survey panels. Then, when the survey invites come rolling in, allot time specifically to work on taking and completing them. Pace yourself. There’s no rush to conquer the entire paid survey industry right off the bat. There is no one breathing down your neck to meet a deadline, and part of the beauty of this business is you can choose wherever you want and whenever you want to complete your online surveys. Probably the most important step (other than actually taking the online surveys) is taking only legitimate paid surveys. I emphasize the word “legitimate” because it is oh so crucial to stay far away from survey panels that will waste your time. These are the panels that will send you *imposter* surveys that look like real surveys, but at the end you are asked to make a purchase. Not cool. These are the kind of panels that give the paid survey industry a bad name. Work smarter…not harder…this is the key to making money taking online surveys. Choose only legitimate paid surveys and you will be good to go!


Where Do I Find ONLY Legitimate Paid Surveys?


Glad you asked! This site! This website is dedicated to providing you with information on only legitimate paid survey panels. If they don’t pay, they are not listed here. Each paid survey panel review you read on this site has been tested and thoroughly researched for legitimacy so you won’t be wasting your time signing up with scam survey sites. 


How Do I Get Started?


Like stated above, you should get your feet wet first by only committing yourself to about 10-15 paid survey panels at most. Of course, you can join as many as you like, but I personally recommend not overwhelming yourself at first. You may get burnt out and discouraged, and just like any business out there, it will take hard work and dedication. 


The following panels will get you started. They are all FREE to join and will not scam you or ask you to pay for anything. And they DO pay. 

Top 10 Survey PanelsReviews Join For Free
Top 10 Survey PanelsReviews Join For Free
Global Test MarketRead ReviewJoin
TolunaRead ReviewJoin
MySurveyRead ReviewJoin
Ipsos I-SayRead ReviewJoin
NPDOR / SweeplandRead ReviewJoin
Opinion OutpostRead ReviewJoin
Survey SpotRead ReviewJoin
MindfieldRead ReviewJoin
Survey HeadRead ReviewJoin
Springboard AmericaRead ReviewJoin

 Each of these panels will ask you for personal information. Don’t get scared. They only ask to match you up with surveys that match your demographic. The more accurate and detailed your profile info is, the more surveys you will receive. 


*Important Tips*


Each panel will send you a confirmation email after you’ve registered. Be sure to click the confirmation link in the email or your registration won’t count.


If you’d like to cut down on the amount of time it takes to register with panels, download Roboform. It’s an automated web form filler and is FREE for the first 30 days and then remains free if you maintain 10 or fewer log ins!


 Good luck!